Jumper 3

Jumper 3 1.00

Tricky hardcore platforming


  • Good level design
  • Configurable controls


  • Very hard at times


Jumper 3 is a platforming brainchild of indie developer Matt Thorson, who has again created an innovative and challenging experience with this game.

You control Ogmo, a creature fabricated in a laboratory somewhere, and you are trying to get it home. Along the way you'll gain the ability to transform Ogmo's colors, which give him different abilities. Each level requires thought and use of the correct form for Ogmo. This puzzle element makes this often challenging game even harder.

The graphics are decidedly blocky, but bright. The sounds are functional at best. It the gameplay that matters here, and there are some really well designed levels in Jumper 3. You'll need your thinking hat on, as well as some fast fingers to guide Ogmo though the levels, and while there are infinite lives available, it's so difficult at times this hardly helps!

If you do get stuck on a level, you can spend coins you have collected on jumping to the next one, which at least gives you a way of progressing. The physics and sprite detection are good - which means a pixel touching a spike and you're dead!

Platforming fans will love Jumper 3, and it certainly stretches your skills. It's well designed, and has great instructions, but is still probably a bit too hard for most people!

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Jumper 3


Jumper 3 1.00

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